Gloucester-Southgate, Hear Me Out!

I Am Not A "Politician"..

You can call me Alek, in 1991, I was a war baby, now I am a 1st generation Canadian, running for Ottawa City Council! I have never worked with political parties or groups, I made my impact across the globe. 

My experiences involved collaborating with everyone from Embassies/Ambassadors all the way to National Police Forces. 

The way I see it is, if I can make an impact across the ocean, I can certainly make an impact here at home!  

I did not register to run for City Council just to participate in the democratic process, I am running to get us back on track, in the right direction! 

I value hard earned dollars, which is why I am self-funding my campaign, instead I ask folks make donations payable to charities in need!

Your Next City Councillor: Ward 10 - Gloucester-Southgate

Revolutionizing the Role: Breaking Barriers!

I will set aside 25% of my +$100,000 Sunshine List-salary each year towards a grant system, which shall facilitate the rise of aspiring change leaders, across Ottawa. 

The average Canadian makes $40,000, when you take into consideration the benefits that come with being a City Councillor, I believe a +$100,000 salary to be in excess of my needs.

In life the opportunity to open the door, for someone you believe in, it is a privilege to be able to do that & I hope I have that privilege for the next 4 years. 

Revolutionizing the Role: Respecting Diversity!

I had a chance to talk with Toronto Raptors President Masai Ujiri, we agreed that perspectives matter & people should dream big!

South Ottawa has traditionally been our most multicultural community & my "promote growth from within" strategy will result in a better engaged Ottawa.

Revolutionizing the Role: Staying Authentic!

An ear for Ottawa means everyone gets heard, I will work very closely with Municipal/Provincial officials, for a better Gloucester-Southgate & Ottawa.

I promise to stay honest & remain transparent, I am not a "politician", what you see is what you get with me.

Commitments & Priorities

~Crime Prevention~

Crime has skyrocketed, there are more guns/drugs available now then ever before & the reality is crime affects certain demographics disproportionately more than others. 

My approach to sensitive conversations revolves around; respect, tolerance & open-mindedness. If we look at mediation & counselling, only through dialogue do we get to solutions.

~Respect For Taxpayers~

"Efficiency first, Property tax second" is the motto I want to see City Councillors & City Hall brass live by. 

My "conscious spending" approach involves treating hard-earned taxpayer dollars, the same way I treat my hard-earned dollars & I promise to put an end to bad spending practices.

~Sustainable Development & Road Safety~

World-class capital city standards, that is what I want us to strive towards, where nobody gets left behind.

My "build to last" approach involves changes to our obsolete procurement practices surrounding lowest bids, with more emphasis on quality.

~Community Inclusion~

  • I believe community input to be vital when it comes to major decision making, I will make sure community associations have a stronger voice in shaping Ottawa.
  • I will create a fellowship program geared towards high school students, to work directly with my office. It will provide civic engagement & volunteer opportunities.
  • I will organize engaging town halls on a variety of topics ranging from nutrition to financial literacy, hosted by industry experts.

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