Gloucester-Southgate, Hear Me Out!

I Am Not A "Politician"..

You can call me Alek, in 1991, I was a war baby in Bosnia, now I am a 1st generation Canadian, running for Ottawa City Council! I am a straight shooter, with a passion for people & communities. While we have differences, we all share far more similarities & I strive for a safer South Ottawa - while continuing our inclusive tradition.

I want to be the collective voice of Gloucester-Southgate & work towards an even better Ottawa region!

Your Next City Councillor: Ward 10 - Gloucester-Southgate

Revolutionizing the Role: Breaking Barriers!

I will set aside 25% of my +$100,000 Sunshine List-salary each year towards a grant system, which shall facilitate the rise of aspiring change leaders, across Ottawa. 

In life the opportunity to open the door, for someone you believe in, it is a privilege to be able to do that & I hope I have that privilege for the next 4 years. 

The average Canadian makes $38,000, when you take into consideration the benefits that come with being a City Councillor, I believe a +$100,000 salary to be in excess of my needs.

Revolutionizing the Role: Respecting Diversity!

I had a chance to talk with Toronto Raptors President Masai Ujiri, we agreed that perspectives matter & people should dream big!

As a strong advocate for equal opportunity, I want my office staff to reflect the diverse make-up of Gloucester-Southgate.

South Ottawa has traditionally been our most multicultural community & my "inclusive approach" will result in a better engaged Ottawa.

Revolutionizing the Role: Staying Authentic!

Ottawa may be split into 23 individual wards, in the words of Dr. Martin Luther King however, "What affects one directly, affects all indirectly!".

An ear for Ottawa means everyone gets heard, I will work very closely with Municipal/Provincial officials, for a better Gloucester-Southgate & Ottawa.

I promise to stay honest & remain transparent, I am not a "politician", what you see is what you get with me.

Commitments & Priorities

~Crime Prevention~

  • I will work on rehabilitating the strained relationship between communities & Ottawa Police, collectively we are stronger & together we can reduce crime.
  • I will launch a community-led ambassadors program for high crime neighborhoods. Community leaders will work directly with my office & be the focal point for their community matters.

~Respect For Taxpayers~

  • I will advocate value for tax payer money, when it comes to city expenditures.
  • I will advocate for negotiating lower costs when it comes to public spending.
  • I will increase scrutiny when it comes to public outlays & using tax payer money.

~Sustainable Development & Road Safety~

  • I will focus on increased access to affordable housing & improved community facilities.
  • I will work with developers so that 'Crime Prevention Through Economic Development' (CPTED) principles are applied to new developments. 
  • I will explore road safety technology measures in order to reduce senseless road tragedies.

~Community Inclusion~

  • I believe community input to be vital when it comes to major decision making, I will make sure community associations have a stronger voice in shaping Ottawa.
  • I will create a fellowship program geared towards high school students, to work directly with my office. It will provide civic engagement & volunteer opportunities.
  • I will organize engaging town halls on a variety of topics ranging from nutrition to financial literacy, hosted by industry experts.

"Sign" Up My Lawn

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