Taking Action!

"I decided to act on the change I wanted to see. Sometimes leaders are not always a good representation of the people they represent. One thing I realized, through prior volunteering is that there are demographics that feel neglected & ignored. I started planning this initiative in 2014, budgeting all of 2015/2016, so that in 2017 I could carry out my projects without taking donations."

"I determined this would be the most powerful route, demonstrating that huge budgets are not necessary in order to make an impact. Through lifestyle change, by abstaining from typical weekly activities such as eating out or going out at night, I can continue to invest my hard earned dollars back where they are much needed!"

The idea behind the AlekGo abstract Maple tree is; 13 maple leafs represent Canada's 10 provinces & 3 territories, while the tree trunk is formed by combining Canada's founding 3 groups; First Nations Aboriginals & English/French settlers! 

Project Timeline

2017 Accomplishments

  • Ottawa: Birthday donation to Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation 
  • Ottawa: 1000 winter hats to Shepherds of Good Hope
  • Colombia: Worked with a boys orphanage & Shelter for Abandoned Elderly Women With Mental/Physical Disabilities
  • Ottawa: Raised 3000 Bags of Noodles for Food Bank Fundraiser
  • Ottawa: Interactive Ottawa Fury VIP experience for recently arrived Syrian youth at Sawmill Creek PS.


  • Dominican Republic: Worked with DR National Police Force to engage youth through baseball. Areas targeted were hit hard by hurricanes, also being high poverty areas, where child exploitation is a real concern.
  • Ottawa: Designed Young Offenders Crime Prevention-Intervention Action Plan, that works with businesses across Ottawa to help Young Offender find employment & build skills for success. 

Upcoming Projects

  • Flour Initiative for Hospitals in Sarajevo (Bosnia & Herzegovina) 
  • School Supply Initiative for Rural Areas of Haiti
  • Interactive Awareness Session on Women's Shelters Across Ottawa
  • Engaging Canada's First Nations Aboriginal Youth in Remote Areas Through Sport

Working Together!

Thank you for sharing interest in wanting to make Ottawa more inclusive for all demographics! Ideas, concerns, or simply want get in touch, please fill the information below!