"Touched by Kindness, Moved by Results" - Alek 2017

Growing up Canadian & in Canada was a huge privilege, the desire to make the most out of this mega-opportunity & sharing it with others, was the reason I started AlekGo! 


To kick off 2017, my campaign was "Touched by kindness, moved by results.". Acts of kindness only go so far, in the end, people are moved by results. When you combine those two aspects, success is contagious & the possibilities are endless!


AlekGo projects led to collaborations with elected officials in Canada & abroad, Embassies/Consulates & International Police Forces, while teaming up with organizations ranging from local to international. The projects took place across Canada, South America, Caribbean & the Balkans! 

Together, we can continue to accomplish great feats & inspire others to get involved, across communities!

Recent Successes

  • Colombia: Worked with a boys orphanage & shelter for abandoned elderly women with mental/physical disabilities
  • Ottawa: Interactive Ottawa Fury VIP experience for recently arrived Syrian youth at Sawmill Creek PS 
  • Dominican Republic: Worked with DR National Police Force to engage youth through baseball. Areas targeted were hit hard by hurricanes, also being high poverty areas, where child exploitation is a real concern.
  • Ottawa: Designed Young Offenders Crime Prevention-Intervention Action Plan, that works with businesses across Ottawa to help Young Offender find employment & build skills for success. 

~Helping Free An Innocent Woman From Jail~

My greatest achievement in life to date, has been helping free an innocent woman from jail, in the Dominican Republic. 

The "jail" itself, which was more like a miniature concentration camp, women did not receive food or water unless it was brought from the outside. This allowed people in positions of power sexually exploit the female inmates. The mini-tour occurred right after my baseball distribution in San Marcos. luckily I was with a Canadian guide, a Municipal/National Police Officer & a National TV reporter, giving me the oppurtunity to better understand the female inmates.

One of the inmates I happened to interact with was a middle aged black woman. She told our reporter, a judge jailed her for "provoking" her husband to attack with a knife, almost killing her. Shortly after being jailed, she tried to take her life in this jail, understandably so, considering circumstance/places like this can leave folks feeling like there is no hope for them. After a short chat with our team, our National Police Officer/National TV reporter advised me that he would look into the case. Before leaving, I was advised that a second judge was looking over the case & that the woman would be released, but more importantly relocated.

I hope to be able to continue having this sort of life-changing impact, in the lives of others, similar to the way Canada changed my life for the better!

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