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Who is Alek?

A proud Canadian, Alek Golijanin emigrated to Canada at three years old after civil war erupted across Former Yugoslavia, specifically Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

Alek and his family arrived at the reception house in downtown Ottawa with two suitcases, ready to start their new lives. 

Alek credits growing up in the multi-culturally rich Ottawa South for his tolerant views, open mindset and for helping him to become a successful community builder.


Why is Alek Doing This?

Ottawa saw a crime surge in 2016, it was a record-year in shootings. I was particularly moved when one of the victims of gun violence was killed in the neighborhood where I too had once lived, upon arriving to Canada. The way his life tragically ended compared to how my life turned out, this was one of the key events that drove me to act on change.

Growing up Canadian and in Canada has been my biggest privilege, had I grown up anywhere else I would not be the person I am today. I want to make the most out this opportunity and share my blessings with others, here at home and abroad!

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