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Who is Alek?

A proud Canadian, Aleksandar Golijanin immigrated to Canada at three years old, after civil war erupted in Bosnia & Herzegovina, across Former Yugoslavia, during the 1990's. Arriving at the reception house on Boteler Street, with whatever they could fit into two suitcases, Alek and his family were ready to begin their new life.

Why is Alek Doing This?

"In 2016, Ottawa saw a crime surge, with a record in shootings. I was particularly moved, when one of the victims of gun violence, was killed in the neighborhood, where I too had once lived, upon arriving to Canada. This was the event which led me to take a more proactive role in Ottawa, focusing on neglected demographics". 

Alek's Background!

Alek has an educational background in Business Administration specializing in Human Resources. International initiatives focusing on poverty alleviation, have led Alek on humanitarian missions across the Balkans & to South America. Alek hopes his innovative & abstract volunteer projects, will help inspire others to get involved, across Canada. His motto to kick off 2017 was “Touched by Kindness, Moved by Results”.

Alek credits growing up in the multi-culturally rich, Ottawa South, for his tolerant views & open mindset which have enabled him to become a global humanitarian at such a young age. In the Spring of 2017, Volunteer Ottawa selected Alek, as one of three finalists across Ottawa, for Leadership in Volunteer Diversity award.

"You don't need to speak a language to understand someone that's hungry, sick or living in poverty. Poverty & famine don't discriminate and neither should we. I look forward to the challenges of helping others at home & abroad in the years to come!"

Working Together!

Thank you for sharing interest in wanting to make Ottawa more inclusive for all demographics! Ideas, concerns, or simply want get in touch, please fill the information below!